Major Themes in Scripture

The Bible is a large book, touching every major aspect of our lives. Not surprisingly, certain themes or concepts recur throughout the book. The key to understanding the Bible is to recognize the clear patterns established by these themes.

When you encounter one of these themes, note that the key principles are handled consistently, even though the details may vary wildly from one situation to the next. You'll notice that God seems interested in key principles, but refuses to be put into a religious box.

As you read through the Bible, ask yourself questions like these:

The single most important ingredient to Bible study is reading with comprehension. It's not enough just to find a readable translation. Pray to the Lord that the Holy Spirit will teach you every step of the way. And He will do just that, because God wants you to understand His will for your life. "And ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free."

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