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Prayer can be the most frustrating or the most rewarding activity of our lives. The choice is ours.

The Mystery of...
Here is one of the most peculiar aspects of Christianity. Maybe you have an answer for this.

"Early will I seek Thee"
Both King David and our Lord had suggestions that might help us.

Lord, teach us to pray.
There is surprising depth in a simple prayer.

"Unto what, then, were ye baptized?"
This is a foundational study covering both water baptism and being baptized with the Holy Spirit.

Praying for Our Nation
Scripture has a surprising answer to the twin plagues of moral apathy and violence.

Psalm 119, Part 1: Wake Up and Live!
Psalm 119 is the longest chapter in the Bible for a reason ordained by God -- it holds the key to victory over the trials of this life. It contains God's Plan for Your Life in a way that you never considered. Stop your pity party and read this.

Psalm 119, Part 2: Revival!
Will you choose to be part of God's work in these final days before Jesus returns? The Lord has a plan to change your life in a surprising way, to make you a mighty warrior in His army.

When My Heart Is Overwhelmed...
Some days we hurt too bad to pray. This lesson might help.

Have you been feeling a bit lifeless lately? Scripture has some good insights for adding zest to your life.

The Eyes of Faith
How do you view your circumstances? Are you considering the complete picture?

Growing Through Distress
Times of distress can directly lead to times of tremendous blessings. Find out how God does this.

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