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God does not particularly care for religion. He's looking for men and women who will build a deep and personal relationship with Him. These studies speak of His character and why we can trust Him in good times and bad.

Does Jesus Care?
"How can a good God allow...?" My friend Marvin knew the answer to this question.

When My Heart Is Overwhelmed...
Practical advice for coping with stress.

Psalm 1: Happy is...
Happiness is not a mystery to the student of Scripture.

Psalm 4: Hear me when I distress.
When circumstances are really distressing, our Lord may have a surprising solution for you.

Psalm 22: Why have You forsaken me?
When bad stuff happens to good people, we sometimes wonder...

Newly updated -- Psalm 23: The Lord is...
Although it is frequently read and quoted, this Psalm may surprise you with its depth of meaning.

Wilt thou be healed?
We are very conscious of our own difficulties, but are we aware of God's willingness to help?

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